Why people should not play therapist

“Mommy knows the best”
“Papa knows the best”
“Your friends know the best”
“Your teachers know the best”
When you feel that everybody knows the best but you; you need to see a therapist to seek your peace of mind. These people want you to do the best but don’t always know YOUR best. And this can cause you undue stress and pressure in doing what you want to do. And they all will have their perspective and opinions, which might differ moderately or severely. And a person who is seeking help, advice, and inner peace will be very much confused by this overload of information. This stress and frustration will need an outlet where one can discuss and rework their thinking pattern. That kind of patience, knowledge, and support cannot always be expected from your loved ones. And here is where the therapist plays a role in helping you to grow and find your solutions.

Unlike everyone else, they don’t offer you solutions that are clouded by their biased opinions. They will listen to you and help you to find answers to your questions by rethinking the “why’s” and “how’s”. And now, accessing to the best therapist is easy. IMBT has the best CBT therapist in London who can help you with all of it. Visit our website to schedule an appointment today.

DhZXZl9XkAMr4xu.jpg:thumbHere are the compelling reasons why people should not play therapist:

1.They are not licenced to be your guide
Not that everyone needs a licence to guide someone in the right way. But then there are times when we can be treading in the wrong way because someone said so. This misconception can end you in misery in no time. Therapists, on the other hand, are licenced to be your guide and help you reconstruct your life anew.

2.They can get you stuck in outdated patterns
When solving problems, be it internal or external, there is no way that dogmatic solutions will always come in handy. All problems come in different size and shapes and sometimes in a different form than we would have expected. And the people we love or confide in cannot always empathise with our feelings. So rather than helping and supporting, they can confuse you and tell you to stick to outdated patterns that might not help you at all. Don’t feel depressed; seek help from a good therapist.

3.They don’t always empathise with you
When you are confiding your problem with your loved ones, it can also arouse a feeling of anger in them, which can cloud their judgment. And hence, sometimes, they are not the best people who would empathise with you in an instant. Being in a close relationship doesn’t always guarantee unconditional understanding and love. And if you are scared to open up to them but you cannot bottle your feelings in, seek a therapist. IMBT has the best CBT therapist in London to help you out. Visit our website to know more.

4.They don’t always provide you with concrete solutions
Some are great listeners. Some are great motivators. But not all are concrete solution providers. They might not work out a problem with you. If a problem is deeply rooted, such as trauma, abuse, depression, hearing solutions like “You’ll get over it eventually,” “tomorrow is another day,” won’t really help you. But a therapist will plunge deep with you to the root of your problem and hand you a saw. Cutting off the root will all be on you.

5.They won’t always work with you
Have you noticed that people might lose patience with you when you are going through trauma or depression? They do want you to be happy but lose their patience in trying to make you happy. However great their intentions may be, but when they see it getting futile, they might not work it out with you. Therapists can recognise patterns and get to the end of the maze with much ease than your loved ones sometimes. They will help you to get out of the maze yourself step by step.

And these are the reasons why people should not play therapist. When things are minor and can be solved by having a good conversation, some leisure time, and good food, it could be managed. But when problems run deep and take roots, you need a professional to help you out. Your loved ones do not want to see you in undue stress and trauma, but they do not exactly know how to work this out. Let CBT therapist in London at IMBT help you out. Visit our website to schedule an appointment with them. Check their website to know more about their therapy sessions and how they can help you with anxiety, addiction, psychosis, and more.

Reverse the damage of destructive thoughts with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

We all have had destructive thoughts about self and others at least once in our life. The severity might be different for different people but we all have had it at some point in our life. Sometimes it is induced by anger and it doesn’t come back after a matter is resolved. But when you have the same kind of thoughts regardless of whatever happens to you, then it may lead to more serious mental disorders such as depression, phobias, addiction, uncontrolled anxiety etc. And this is where cognitive behavioural therapy will help you or your loved one to get out of it.

CBT mostly contains exercises that help people to observe their thought and identify it. Identification will help you to recognise patterns that lead to such thoughts and issues. And then, you will be able to disassociate the self from the thought and do away with it or replace it with positive thoughts. This has helped many people across the globe. CBT is not a simple theory that can be done by anyone. And when the symptoms are severe, then taking it lightly would not help. IMBT has the best cognitive behavioural therapist in London who can help you with this. They have excellent therapists who can guide you through your emotional turmoil.

Here are the ways cognitive behavioural therapy can help you:

When you are your own bully
We are our own biggest bully and we should fear our thoughts the most because they control our lives. When you talk down to self and never believe that you are of any good, you stand back and never fully engage with anything that happens in life. This leads to a chain of reactions and events that make you feel more and more miserable. If you are suffering from low self-esteem, then maybe you will isolate yourself from things that might embarrass you but would be crucial for your growth. Then, not doing such things will cause guilt of why you didn’t make anything out of that opportunity. And this cycle goes on and on. We need to realise that sometimes we are our own worst enemy.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy aide positive reinforcement
There are different approaches towards how you treat a problem through CBT, which we will get onto later. The main theme behind CBT is to replace these thoughts with positive reinforcement through motivation, therapy, and activity. They all are different for different symptoms. They help the most in cases of:
Panic attack
Anger issues
Eating disorder
Sometimes, some experience makes us such closed off and throw us in a negative loop. Talking to a therapist will help you identify it all and work on the problem. IMBT has the best cognitive behavioural therapist in London who can help you.

CBT is a dedicated effort to make positive changes
Unlike other therapies, which mostly have loose ends, CBT is very focused and instructional. They have some varied forms, which are used in therapy sessions. They are:
Cognitive therapy: In this therapy, the focus is on identifying emotions, emotional responses, thinking pattern, and behaviour. And after identification, the focus shifts to negate distorted or irrational patterns to positive ones.
Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy: This is the same as the cognitive therapy. The only difference is that the irrational fear is caught by its leg and then it is actively advised on how to alter that into something productive or positive.
 Dialectical Behaviour Therapy: In this one, the focus is more on the thinking pattern and behaviour, and strategies such as emotional regulation and mindfulness are used to negate destructive thoughts.
Multimodal Therapy: This therapy suggests that one should look into modalities such as behaviour, imagery, sensation, affect, and other biological and interpersonal factors should be addressed to get to the root of the problem.

All of these sister-cognitive therapies have a unique approach to the same problem and are mostly effective.
The process of CBT and what to expect:

The therapist will take an active role during the process of CBT.
They will explain the process in detail and will assign you homework/goals that you need to complete to deem this therapy successful.
CBT is a short-term treatment generally targeting specific problems.

And as you progress, you heal. Maybe you have been a victim of self-abuse. But there is hope. Get a chance at redeeming yourself emotionally and create a positive chain with Cognitive behavioural therapist in London at IMBT. They have an excellent therapist who will collaborate with you to work on the root of the problem and help you live your life to the fullest. If you can commit to the smaller task and goals given by your therapist, you can steadily see yourself progressing. Schedule an appointment with IMBT

Reignite the spark with these tips for couples

One thing that we take for granted is the present that is right in front of us. Life is a beautiful gift. No one can travel back to the past, but it always builds a foundation for your present and future. So instead of fretting about what future holds, can we not repair the leaks of the present? Same goes for our relationships, especially with our partners. The seed of love has been sown in the past, all you need to do is continuously water it for steady growth. There are numerous instances and excuses where we could unknowingly ignore the needs of our partner. And the same can happen to us. It is sometimes not the lack of communication but the lack of action. When in a relationship, always remember that the love you have between you two is not a noun but a verb. You have to do it daily, even when the gesture is the smallest yet comforting.

What comforts us the most? Some level of security in a relationship. This helps us to feel better and confident in many parts of our lives. The people close to us mostly have the spare key to our heart. Sometimes there is love in between the couple, but the spark is waning somehow. There are a few things we can do which we will cover in the rest of the article. But when things really go south and there are things you cannot repair superficially, then you need deep couple therapy. IMBT has the best Couples Therapist In London.


Here are the things you can do to quick fix the problem:

1. Identify your problem first
Is the problem lack of communication? Is the problem lack of action? Or is it both? There are many things that can happen. And sometimes, the relationship can lack the spice! Sometimes you need to try something new to progress the relationship. But first, you need to identify where the problem lies. If you cannot pinpoint to any specific problem then you can talk to a couple therapist.

2. List out the things you like and love about each other
It can consist of their personality traits they have been steady with. It could be anything good about them. Then it can also contain the things that made you fall for them in the first place, that made you say they are the ones you are looking for and will continue to be in love with them. Whenever in doubt, re-read them.

3. Make a list of things you would want to improve and how
If the thing that is lacking is communication, you both will have to take time out from your busy schedule to talk to each other every day. Do not neglect the power of communication. It will help you to build a better understanding of each other. No matter how close or far you both live, make some time in each other’s life. Of course, keeping self, work, and other things are a priority, but remember, you also have a partner added to the joy ride. Make sure you don’t leave them out and keep them waiting.

4. Try out new things
Well, sometimes it is that life can be stuck in a rut. Monotony is not always boring, but reassuring too. No one really hates monotony; they hate what they are doing. If you do things what you love, monotony will never become an issue. You can always have something new in the schedules you have. If you and your partner go out every week, then try different activities. Monotony is a necessary evil, else we lose on the structure. But it never has to be boring.


5. Try to do more of the things that you both enjoy
Try to know what your partner likes and commit yourself in doing that at least once in a week. If you are unsure, just ask them. Plan out the things they like doing or having, then make sure you add that to your “to-do” list. Your partner is your priority too.

6. When the other bad things have taken precedence over the love
There are certain bad things that can make us lose spark over time. It doesn’t have to be simple things, but complicated and hurting ones like cheating on your partner, being abusive, etc. These things need healing. Talk to a couple therapist to progress in the right direction. Get the best couple therapist in London at IMBT.

7. Self-love
One thing that we often neglect while loving our partners is self-love. Sometimes we get too needy, too possessive and in turn, it makes us look like the bad person. There is some level of trust and security each person should have in them so that they do not fall apart when the foundation shakes a little. Love your partner and yourself equally. So make sure you only give the best form of love to self and to your partner. Do not neglect both.

These are the things you can do to fix things in your relationship and ignite the spark. Some problems can be fixed quickly with a smile and small effort, and some needs time. But always make sure you are doing the right thing so that the relationship sails in the right direction. If you are confused and too heartbroken to understand and implement these things in your life and relationship, then get an appointment with a relationship therapist. You can book an appointment at IMBT to get counselling with the best couple therapist in London.
Visit www.imbt.co.uk to know more.

Reasons why you need a life coach at one point in time

We are taught about letters framing into words, numbers calculating to an equation, but who teaches us about how to figure out life? We normally go to our primary source of love and affection –our friends and family, to seek the meaning of life. But consider this; would you like to learn science from your P.A teacher? Sure they know bits and pieces of science, but that doesn’t make them eligible to guide you through the whole syllabus of science for any grade, especially higher grade. Same goes for the ones we love. Some of your peers and dear ones may have the same amount of knowledge about life, values, and emotions as much as you have. And some may have a little more but would not be able to help you in a complex problem. They would fixate you to their perception and it is a matter of luck whether it works out perfectly for you or not. Of course, they don’t mean bad for you. They might have the best of intentions for you. But sometimes, those people are not eligible to give us advice on things we are confused about or want to explore more about.

What should you do when you see yourself in such a situation? Getting a professional life coach will help you guide you through a difficult phase of life. No matter who you are, you can go to a professional who will give you their unbiased advice which will help you achieve your goals, whatever be it. You can find professional and most recommended Life Coach In London at IMBT.

Here are the reasons why you would need a life coach:

When you feel you have no one to turn to

Most of the cases of depression and other signs of emotional distress happen because people feel they have no one they can confide in and talk to. Maybe they have lost their loved one, maybe there is a rift between the two. Sense of separation or betrayal can make one feel this way. However, you can confide in your life coach who will give you unbiased advice and structured guide on how to improve the areas you need the most.

Life coaches are for everything

Most of the time people wrongly conceive that life coaches are philosophy masters who will make you sit on their fancy couch and give vague answers to life. Life coaches are there to help you from your academic stress to planning your finance wisely. There are many areas where life coach excels. All you need to do is figure out where your problem lies. If you are too much in distress to figure it out yourself, then come to a life coach to do it for you.

When you cannot confide in people you know


There are times when things are okay between people and yet they cannot develop a sense of trust in between them. The person might be holding back something and would need an unbiased third person’s advice. This could be about something that no close family member or friend should know, yet they are burning up inside in need of a guide. In times like these, life coaches will help you sail through.

When you are not happy with the answers you are getting

Maybe it is about your passion for something which is not positively perceived by your peers and family. Under their influence, you could be badly motivated not to do something. But maybe, you can get an opinion from a third person who is not influenced by your culture, family, religion, past or any other kind of bias. You need to make a fair judgment of things and decide if it is worth pursuing or not. Our dear ones aren’t always the one we can turn up to. When you feel they are not being supportive of your rational decision, you can then choose what to do next.


When you are grieving

Grief is a very personal matter. Although social media has made it very public just like a casual obituary, there are right ways to process one’s feelings. Getting your life back on track after losing someone close and special is a hard task to master. People can only sympathise or empathise with you, but will not be able to do much for you after that. You will need solid advice and support to help you cope with the situation and carry on with your life. This is especially needed for people who are prone to losing their sanity with such passing of their loved ones. Not everything heals with time; some things heal with professional help. Book an appointment at IMBT. They have the best life coach in London to get started with your therapy.

When life starts losing its flavour

There comes a time where everything is fine and you are expecting nothing more. But your life has started to lose flavour and the will to live is slowly diminishing because of boredom and monotony. Life coach will help you get that zing back in your life with their constructive advice and therapy. You will be able to enjoy your relationships and find meaning back in life.

It doesn’t matter what your age is or who you are, you can need life coach at some point in life and it is nothing to be ashamed of. Get authority of your sanity back with professional Life Coach In London at IMBT. Visit www.imbt.co.uk to know more about them.

If you identify these signs in your relationship then sign up for couple therapy ASAP

Humans are fragile. Even though we have developed higher brain functions to sustain life, we need emotional support to enjoy life to the fullest. Emotions are not isolated from interaction with other people in the society. It starts with the people in your family, the primary source for your love, affection, bond to other people you meet with every social interaction in school, colleges, groups, etc. The intention to love is not enough to make a relationship work better. You need action. And now there is a twist when it comes to acting out on your commitment –different partner expect different things. Their definition of love could be very different from the one you chose for yourself. You show your affection based on what you think comes under the gambit of love, but your partner seems to think different. And this is how clashes start to grow and root deep enough to cause separation. When that happens, you sit back and get depressed over things that didn’t go right.

It is not easy to get over heartbreak, especially with your partner. They are the ones you’d run to when you feel weak. But if they make you feel weak, then is there anything you can do to save your relationship? Thankfully, there is. One can be clouded by emotions of anger, disgust, and misery when dealing with something heartbreaking in their relationship. They won’t be able to make a better decision, especially about how to solve this issue. They would need a third person who is an expert in resolving these matters and this is where a relationship therapist comes into play. If you are seeking for the most recommended relationship therapist in London, then visit www.imbt.co.uk to book an appointment.


Some fights and arguments can be talked over, and some needs a therapist for healing. Here are the things to look out for in your relationship to determine if you need to book an appointment with the therapist:

1. When your relationship is clouded by negativity

You need to examine the type of interactions you have had with your partner in the last two weeks. The balance of positive and negative should be 80:20. A relationship is for your well being and growth as a couple as well as the individual. If the interactions are going negative then you need to see a relationship therapist. Being defensive, name calling, extreme possessiveness and sense of entitlement in a wrong way, using sarcasm to communicate problems, passive-aggressive behaviours, physical or verbal abuse, stonewalling etc. comes under such negative interaction behaviour. If you catch yourself or your partner in such kind of conversation, then you should seek help.

2. When the sense of betrayal is too heavy

Maybe one of you cheated on the other and you both still want to give this relationship a chance. Now, deciding onto one thing and not being able to are two different things. There are elements of betrayal that would have hurt you the most. And it can heavily mar your self-respect and sense of security. If you are not able to move past the hurt but are still willing to give your relationship a second chance, then you need a relationship therapist. They will try to figure out the underlying cause of things that made this happen to give you and your partner a better understanding of each other. Make an appointment with the best relationship therapist in London at IMBT.


3. There is lack of intimacy

There are times when your partner is not lacking in anything except for providing you with intimacy. Now, intimacy is a bond that makes you feel loved and wanted. Be it intimacy through interaction or intimacy through lovemaking, if there is no thoughtfulness in any of the things they do, you start to lose touch with your partner. Lack of intimacy also calls out for thoughtlessness or carelessness with dealing with your emotional needs. It could slowly break you apart.

4. Difference in expectation from each other and anxiety about commitment

When all things are running perfectly, you might expect something permanent with your relationship. But when those expectations don’t match with the timeline of your partner’s expectation, then things start to deteriorate. Also, some commit too early without thinking much and in the end, feel suffocated with the new duties marriage commitment or kids may bring forth. When you feel you cannot communicate with your partner about such things with ease, you need a relationship therapist to work things out for you.

5. When you stop having a good time together

This means you stop going out on dates, stop doing fun activities and everything that is necessary to bond as a couple. If you two are living as roommates who are rearing kids together, then it becomes nothing more than that. Then you’d start finding fun and interaction with other people and eventually would lead to cheating and divorce. Now, you can’t just have fun at the next moment especially if you had a rough patch. Take help from a relationship therapist to heal your emotions to let yourself enjoy.

6. When issues keep coming up rather than resolving

You must have tried talking it out. And even have used harsh words when your partner must have done the same mistake for the fifth time. But when these things have also not worked in your favour, you can get mentally sick. Get help from relationship therapist to come to a resolution for the problem.

These are the major issues that need a steady and compassionate guide of a therapist that will only help your relationship to grow. Get the best Relationship Therapist In London to help you with all couple and family issues at IMBT.

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