6 Ways to Help You Find a Good Psychologist

For your body related ailments,a good physician is a must. If we talk of muscle building and body transformation, you require an expert gym instructor.But when it comes to mental health, how do you tackle issues like anxiety, depression, mood swings etc.?

With life so fast-paced,we are continually marred with pressures.We need to recognise the fact that stress is a fatal killer of current times. Our mental health is our responsibility steps need to be undertaken to nip the problem in bud itself. The first step in this direction would be getting in touch with a seasoned and expert therapist for professional treatment. Get in touch with IMBT clinic for experienced Clinical Psychologist in London.


There are many different ways to look out for a great therapist. The following options can help you expedite your search.

  • Trace through your professional network

You can always ask your colleagues for recommendations. A psychotherapist known in your circle can be a good lead for you. Always remember, our life is nobody’s business and you need not divulge the details of your mental health to your colleagues.

You can simply go ahead and ask for recommendations without getting inhibited. None of us wants to judged basis the issues we are facing. Keeping the conversation short and to the point can help you stay clear of such situations.

  • Use Google

Long gone are the days of yellow pages. No one lists their businesses there anymore. For a therapist requirement, simply type,‘looking for an expert clinical Psychologist London’and your search engine will list a number of recommendations in your vicinity along with their contact details.

You can also check posted reviews from the clients as well. You may go through ratings and responses from people who have already availed their services and treatment sessions. Post thorough research and analysis, one can think about getting in touch. For expert clinical psychologist in London.

  • Family references

Recommendations from your near ones or an extended family too can help you get in touch with an experienced psychologist. At times,a family member is already under treatment.You can always consider their opinions in this regard. Also being close by helps in knowing how they are progressing with the treatment.

When it’s family, inhibitions are bound to be less. One can be more open to suggestions and recommendations to help prepare their mind to seek professional help.

  • Resources at work

Nowadays,the mental ailment is being seen and acknowledged as a serious issue by corporates as well. Considering the fact that the major chunk of an employee’s time is being spent on official premises,some companies have thoughtfully set up a dedicated counselor desk at their premises.An employee in distress is free to reach out for help.

Since the therapist operates from your official premises itself chances are that you are well acquainted with him/her. If you have apprehensions seeking outside help, checking in with your company psychologist might work well with you.

As part of ethics, all details and records pertaining to an employee’s mental health and treatment are kept confidential. Therefore, what is discussed inside the therapist’s room stays there.

  • Seek reference from your physician

We all have that one doctor whom we trust and always reach out to in case of our physical ailments. Being from the medical background, doctors and therapists are very well networked and connected to each other in their circle.

On the recommendations part, you can always trust your physician’s word on this. They can help you get in touch with an experienced clinical psychologist in London who can successfully help in treating your condition.

  • Keep your options open

It is always safe to keep a couple of options handy. Just in case if the one option doesn’t work for you due to some reason, then you have the backup to turn to. Choosing a psychotherapist is an important decision, which should be taken after proper research only.

For professional clinical psychologist in London. Get initial counselling over the phone for free.


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