Reverse the damage of destructive thoughts with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

We all have had destructive thoughts about self and others at least once in our life. The severity might be different for different people but we all have had it at some point in our life. Sometimes it is induced by anger and it doesn’t come back after a matter is resolved. But when you have the same kind of thoughts regardless of whatever happens to you, then it may lead to more serious mental disorders such as depression, phobias, addiction, uncontrolled anxiety etc. And this is where cognitive behavioural therapy will help you or your loved one to get out of it.

CBT mostly contains exercises that help people to observe their thought and identify it. Identification will help you to recognise patterns that lead to such thoughts and issues. And then, you will be able to disassociate the self from the thought and do away with it or replace it with positive thoughts. This has helped many people across the globe. CBT is not a simple theory that can be done by anyone. And when the symptoms are severe, then taking it lightly would not help. IMBT has the best cognitive behavioural therapist in London who can help you with this. They have excellent therapists who can guide you through your emotional turmoil.

Here are the ways cognitive behavioural therapy can help you:

When you are your own bully
We are our own biggest bully and we should fear our thoughts the most because they control our lives. When you talk down to self and never believe that you are of any good, you stand back and never fully engage with anything that happens in life. This leads to a chain of reactions and events that make you feel more and more miserable. If you are suffering from low self-esteem, then maybe you will isolate yourself from things that might embarrass you but would be crucial for your growth. Then, not doing such things will cause guilt of why you didn’t make anything out of that opportunity. And this cycle goes on and on. We need to realise that sometimes we are our own worst enemy.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy aide positive reinforcement
There are different approaches towards how you treat a problem through CBT, which we will get onto later. The main theme behind CBT is to replace these thoughts with positive reinforcement through motivation, therapy, and activity. They all are different for different symptoms. They help the most in cases of:
Panic attack
Anger issues
Eating disorder
Sometimes, some experience makes us such closed off and throw us in a negative loop. Talking to a therapist will help you identify it all and work on the problem. IMBT has the best cognitive behavioural therapist in London who can help you.

CBT is a dedicated effort to make positive changes
Unlike other therapies, which mostly have loose ends, CBT is very focused and instructional. They have some varied forms, which are used in therapy sessions. They are:
Cognitive therapy: In this therapy, the focus is on identifying emotions, emotional responses, thinking pattern, and behaviour. And after identification, the focus shifts to negate distorted or irrational patterns to positive ones.
Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy: This is the same as the cognitive therapy. The only difference is that the irrational fear is caught by its leg and then it is actively advised on how to alter that into something productive or positive.
 Dialectical Behaviour Therapy: In this one, the focus is more on the thinking pattern and behaviour, and strategies such as emotional regulation and mindfulness are used to negate destructive thoughts.
Multimodal Therapy: This therapy suggests that one should look into modalities such as behaviour, imagery, sensation, affect, and other biological and interpersonal factors should be addressed to get to the root of the problem.

All of these sister-cognitive therapies have a unique approach to the same problem and are mostly effective.
The process of CBT and what to expect:

The therapist will take an active role during the process of CBT.
They will explain the process in detail and will assign you homework/goals that you need to complete to deem this therapy successful.
CBT is a short-term treatment generally targeting specific problems.

And as you progress, you heal. Maybe you have been a victim of self-abuse. But there is hope. Get a chance at redeeming yourself emotionally and create a positive chain with Cognitive behavioural therapist in London at IMBT. They have an excellent therapist who will collaborate with you to work on the root of the problem and help you live your life to the fullest. If you can commit to the smaller task and goals given by your therapist, you can steadily see yourself progressing. Schedule an appointment with IMBT


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